Design is a way of shared communication
to present information visually,
like gestures and body languages

Let's dance!

 Shall we?



Lift Sticker Direct Mail


HKSOM Promotional Poster

Osteorex Product Poster

KCP Outdoor Advertising

KCP Bus Advertisement

Lotus iPad eBanner

Manulife Newspaper Ad

Prudential Product Poster

EHEF Backdrop

EHEF Booth

Tegu Booth

Matsuta Booth

PQ Booth

The Chinese University Booth

Lotus Booth

Boss Lighting Catalog

Manulife Red Pocket

Windsor Calendar

Manulife Travel Brochure

Manulife Employee Benefits Booklet

Solomon System Product Brochure

Kinetic Space

Corporate Website (HTML 5)


Ank Concepts

Corporate Website (Flash)


Black Girl and BG Production

Corporate Website (Flash)


Corporate Website (Flash)

European Higher Education Fair

Corporate Website (HTML 5, Database)

Sham Shui Po Tourism

Promotional Website (Flash)

Love Stanley

Promotional Website (Flash)